Het SECUREDD portfolio biedt organisaties van ieder formaat de mogelijkheid om sneller, eenvoudiger en veiliger zaken te doen met lagere kosten.

Ons platform wordt wereldwijd ingezet om privacy gevoelige informatie te delen, en is complaint met alle vereiste wetgevingen. Alle data opslag is versleutelden alle transacties worden opgeslagen en getraceerd. We bedienen zowel MKB als enterprise klanten, direct of vanuit bestaande systemen middels bulk API's. Onze producten kunnen los afgenomen worden, of als volledige suite. Beheer en onderhoud wordt gedaan op ons SaaS platform conform de ISO27001 normen, waarvoor we ook gecertificeerd zijn. We draaien primair in de cloud binnen Nederland, maar kunnen ook on-premise installaties voorzien.


Abresa GmbH is a consulting firm specializing in SAP HCM and SuccessFaktors as well as an IT services company that sees itself as a holistically oriented partner for its customers.


Centric offers software solutions, IT outsourcing, business process outsourcing, IT and personnel services. Customers can concentrate on their core business thanks to the Centric IT solutions and services of more than 4,200 highly qualified employees in Europe. Centric is characterized by its high IT expertise in connection with many years of experience in industry-specific business processes. The company sees innovation as a driver of sustainable growth and brings employees, partners and customers together to implement innovative and pragmatic solutions that enable responsible growth and stability. Centric achieved sales of 490 million euros and an EBIT of 24 million euros in 2018.

In the German-speaking countries, the subsidiaries Centric IT Solutions GmbH and Centric Cloud Solutions GmbH also offer numerous add-ons for quality assurance and increasing the efficiency of personnel processes with SAP® HCM and SAP © SuccessFactor, including a full service from data migration to consulting and training support staff.


ANOIGO ( is our partner in Identity Management. Together with Anoigo we have been able to implement complex identity workflows like the Dutch National Digital Identity DigiD ( in document workflows generated with for example QUADIENT Inspire.

ANOIGO allows us to implement and integrate with almost every standard authentication protocol, including advanced options like SSO using SAML2 or OAuth.


SECUREDD is THE Global Partner of SSLPost SSL Post was one of the first companies in the UK to deliver encrypted email at the beginning of this century. Our Secure Send software has already been implemented already for 12 year to connect SAP, ORACLE, Micorsoft platforms to send and store sensitive data. Companies like Pepsico and DHL rely on this technology while profiting from the best value-versus-investment solution. Not to mention our ISO27001 wich is the cyber security standard we handle worldwide to guarantee your safety and immediate GDPR compliancy. Visit also  our security page  to learn more about our standards and workflow.


PONDRES and SECUREDD started working together in 2015. In cases we describe our successful collaboration.