Our SECUREDD portfolio solutions enable organizations of all sizes to transact business faster, easier, and more securely than ever before at a very low cost.

Worldwide our platform is used by companies, that want to transfer privacy sensitive information and data, compliant with all regulations for private secure communication and encrypted storage. All transactions are tracked. Our customers are individual users and mid/large sized companies, who send information from their local PC-infrastructure or from dedicated document and information systems for bulk transfer. The components of the SECUREDD portfolio can be used as a single product or as an integrated total solution from two or more products. Management and procedures are based on ISO27001 and is offered on our SaaS platforms, located in different countries or as an on Premise solution.


With our SECUREDD eSafe / Portal you have an online cloud storage to upload documents in a personal archive, which is only accessible for the recipient.
  • 1 million eSafes in use
  • Login via authentication module
  • Encrypted storage; each document has its own encryption
  • Notification when a new document has been uploaded in the eSafe
  • Reminder email if not opened by recipient
  • Integration with document management systems (for example Quadient or SAP)
  • In your own company’s look and feel
  • Virtual printer that connects with systems like SAP-HR or Oracle-HR(cost saver for your blue collar workforce)
  • White label option


SECUREDD offers a simple scalable solution called "GDPR-Direkt" to exchange and store documents securely and in accordance with the law. This solution can be used immediately in an environment where privacy sensitive data can be exchanged and stored, both internally as well as externally.
  • Email notification/invitation to upload files
  • Access and request for third parties to upload and share documents
  • Multiple encrypted file storage
  • The system can easily be linked to your current business application, so that automated customer communication is maintained
  • Auditing logfiles
  • In your own company’s look and feel
  • White label option


Secure eMail is a one-stop solution for powerful encrypted email, among others, including the following features:
  • simple-to-use open tracking
  • activity journal
  • enhanced email encryption
  • electronic signatures
  • non-repudiation proof
  • large file transfer functionality
  • MS Outlook, Gmail, Apple Mail, etc. Integration
  • Single Sign On (SSO)
  • 2 factor authentication (2FA)


Secure E-payslip solutions offer a secure, auditable, GDPR compliant, cost-saving, electronic method. Salary and HR documents at employee’s fingertips; accessible anytime, anywhere and delivered within minutes.
  • Portal function to upload documents
  • Online registration for employees
  • Secure storage of payslips
  • Email Notification for employees
  • Integration with existing HR solutions like SAP
  • Delivered-opened-read notification for HR staff
  • In your own company’s look and feel
  • White label option


When it comes to Authentication possibilities there is a myriad of solutions available to grant access to our applications, including custom registration. Our standard Secure eMail solution will, for example, ask the recipient to enter a strong password upon first login. Alternatively, you could send a registration code via postal services that they may use to register their accounts before filling in the password to add another step. Examples of authentications methods we support:
  • 2FA via SMS,
  • Email
  • OTP token via app
For more advanced onboarding procedures press on read more.


Do you have key processes that depend on signatures of a multitude of people? Does it often take a long time to gather all required inputs before your orders can be sent out? Or do you need a company seal on every document for legal and auditing purposes? SECUREDD can help!
  • Manual or automated workflow for all your signing needs;
  • Integrates seamlessly into our existing products for easy sharing or archiving;
  • Highly customizable depending on complexity of your unique use case;
  • Easy to understand and all white-labeled to match your companies styling;
  • Notifications and auditing are all extensively available