When it comes to Authentication possibilities there is a myriad of solutions available to grant access to our applications, including custom registration or even onboarding procedures.

Our standard Secure eMail solution will, for example, ask  the recipient to enter a strong password upon first login. Alternatively, you could send a registration code via postal services that they may use to register their accounts before filling in the password to add another step.

More advanced onboarding would include options like:

  • DigiD
  • DIN,
  • EIDAS certified face-to-face online solutions.

For authentication, it is also possible to add:

  • 2FA via SMS,
  • email
  • OTP token via app.

If you would like to link your existing portal or CMS solution to our solutions, we also support Single Sign-On (SSO) and Single Sign-Off (SLO) via SAML2.

Advantages for your clients

  • Full range of authentication levels
  • Registration facility for first logon
  • SSO can be integrated with other applications

Advantages for your company

  • Multiple applications can be entered with one login
  • Level can be set per e-mail sent or via API for bulk sendings
  • Track & Trace, reporting who opened the e-mail or eSafe
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