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Trace Payroll Services (UK)

  Trace Payroll Services were looking to expand their portfolio by adding a secure, electronic PAYE document delivery solution and turned to E-Payslip encryption experts. Issue: Trace’s clients were under pressure to reduce costs, improve data security and move to greener technology. Trace required an electronic PAYE document delivery solution that would be flexible, scalable, […]

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Relocation Services Holland

RSH takes care of the relocation of expats in the Netherlands. Relocating a professional also means sharing and sending privacy sensitive data like their social security number, passport, financial data, bank account, immigration data. In this process different authorities are involved ranging from a Real Estate service to the Immigration and Naturalization Service. Issue RSH […]

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Pondres is a Client Communication/Fulfilment company that handles large amount of transactional data like pension overviews and assurance overviews. Pondres uses their Omnia Platform (based on Quadient) to handle all client communication for their customers. Issue: A pension and life assurance company asked Pondres [if they could provide a solution] for a solution so they […]

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Dutch Healthcare Organisation

A Dutch Healthcare Organisation reached out to SECUREDD to secure the data transfer of laboratory results to Hospitals. Issue: Before they started to work with SECUREDD, laboratory results were sent to hospitals by registered post. Other than being very expensive and slow, at times envelopes failed to close which caused security risks. Solution: The healthcare […]

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