Pondres is a Client Communication/Fulfilment company that handles large amount of transactional data like pension overviews and assurance overviews. Pondres uses their Omnia Platform (based on Quadient) to handle all client communication for their customers.


A pension and life assurance company asked Pondres [if they could provide a solution] for a solution so they could digitally send their pension overviews to about 200.000 customers. The pension/assurance company wanted to reduce their print costs by offering a digital solution to their customers. Safety demands were and are extremely high concerning the transfer, storage and access to the data. Failure to deliver on time would result in high fines.


The first step was the connection between SECUREDD and the Omnia platform. This was realized with a connector (Quadient) and our API. To comply with GDRP all information had to be auditable in the OMNIA platform. Once connected with our platform, all documents could be stored in the individual 200.000 eSafes. In order to access the overviews, clients can now log in with DigiD-authentication.


Pondres’ pension fund client started the journey to digitalize and send transactional customer data in a secure and safe way. Within 2 months’ time SECUREDD&Pondres delivered the eSafes. Our solution has saved €....... on print costs and the pension fund customers have a one stop solution to access  their overviews in their personal eSafe in a safe and easy manner.