SECUREDD technologies are designed to be system and platform-independent. Our solutions are deployed across Europe in a range of regulatory markets where accuracy, speed, availability, security, and non-reputable transactional audit trails are a requirement. We combine secure email, storage, collaboration, authentication, e-signatures, onboarding and file transfer into a single application environment. Traditional encrypted email systems have been difficult to use, but SECUREDD constantly challenges itself to offer easy and familiar usage for users operating on web and mobile platforms.

Most file transfer systems have limited affordable capacity, utilize insecure synchronization folders and give little thought to the security of data-at-rest. SECUREDD encrypts data on multiple levels, all using unique keys, to secure each and every file. Transit is done exclusively over TLS 1.3. Combining the excellent track & trace auditing allows for flawless integration into common workflow process controls. On top of that, we support very large file transfers (up to and beyond 100GB). There is now a clear desire for government and corporations to move away from "free" to use US hosted public cloud systems and provide controlled environments consistent with meeting user data security concerns.

SECUREDD does not and will never perform any analysis or harvesting of data. We also refuse usage of Google Analytics for page tracking on our solution websites.

These are the building blocks of our platform which can be used interchangeably.

SECUREDD combines 5 aspects


Protecting content from unauthorized access


Assigning permissions to the user working with the document


Detecting unintentional or malicious document alteration


Proving that the document comes from true sender and has not been altered


Preventing senders and recipients from refuting delivery and receipt respectively

Payslip specific solution - SECURE SEND SOFTWARE

For companies that use SAP, ORACLE, QUICKLOHN, LEXWARE, Quicklohn (or any other Payslip software) we offer the possibility to easily start using our platform to digitalize payslip distribution. Our Secure Send software enables our clients to upload encrypted HR documents like payslips, pension overviews, annual statements. Effortlessly GDPR-proof your distribution process for a great investment-versus-value.

The core functions of Secure Send are as follows:

  1. Receive a batch of documents, such as payslips, and split them into individual PDFs by reference to a unique reference character field that must appear on each document in the same place; that way Secure Send will know when to start and stop for each employee document.
  2. Secure Send allows the Sender to verify the documents and metadata before they are sent to the servers, or the process can be automated via Windows scheduler tasks
  3. Secure Send will open port 443 on the Sender's outbound email server and stream the individual PDF documents over https, using TLS vs 1.3 or higher, to the designated SECUREDD server endpoints.

Secure Send can be configured to send payslips, annual tax summaries, and any other employee-related document BUT each type of document must use the same unique character field so that when a document is received by the SSLPost servers it can be allocated to the correct employee account. Employee numbers are a typical unique identifier used.

Available integrations

For companies using ERP or Payslip software like SAP(Succesfactors), ORACLE (HCM) or AGENDA we offer different integration possibilities. Learn how we integrate with different solutions and can save time and money while delivering a safe and intuitive integration. 


For companies that use AGENDA-SOFTWARE, LEXWARE or QUICKLOHN for payslips and annual statements we offer the possibility to connect with our platform.


Quadient Inspire users can use a simple RESTful API to connect with our platform.


SECUREDD/SSLPost Outlook plugin for secure email enables users to send secure emails, with or without attachments, using the SSLPost SFT (Secure File Transfer) platform.


For companies that use ORACLE for payslips and annual statements we offer the possibility to connect with our platform.


For companies that use SAP for payslips and annual statements we offer the possibility to connect with our platform.

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