Cost-effective ePayslip delivery

Are you a Payslip Software Provider or Payslip Service Company looking for an online Payslip Portal Software Partner?

Are employees of your clients having problems with accessing their Digital Payslips, or still printing them and handing them out by hand?

SECUREDD is your reliable Software Partner that provides the solution for companies that want digital security and reliability for their employees.

Features and Benefits

  • 99.9% uptime
  • Compatible with more than 200 Payslip Software Solutions
  • Each document is encrypted with a unique key, no single master key exists!
  • Data center in Germany
  • ISO27001 certified
  • SECUREDD core business is the security of digital files
  • Modern technology, immutable infrastructure
  • No impact on your IT infrastructure
  • Attractive margins for Partners
  • Partner Program

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Fast ROI with ePayslip solutions

If you are currently printing and posting ADVANCED PAYROLL TAX documents or distribute ePayslips via unsecured electronic methods, you will instantly benefit from switching to our secure ePayslips solution.

ePayslips versus paper payslips

When your SECUREDD ePayslip solution is implemented, you will experience immediate savings in postage, paper and printer consumable costs.  In addition, more savings are visible in the reduction of resource time to process the payroll.  The solution also cuts the amount of payslip or yearly statement copy requests that may currently tie up valuable payroll resources.

example of our ePayslip solutiom
example of our ePayslip solutiom

Secure ePayslips versus unsecured epayslips

If you are already distributing payroll tax documents using an epayslips process, our secure epayslip solutions ensure that you comply with ICO data privacy requirements.  When you send a Paroll Tax document to the online payroll portal or send via secure email, your employee data is protected throughout the whole process, by enterprise-grade encryption.

Single Sign On

If you currently have an intranet system from which you control your workflow, your privately hosted epayslip solution can use the same login.  Simply enter your login details once and you will have access to both your intranet and your secure epayslip portal.

Secure document storage

Your epayslip portal can also be used as a repository for all sensitive documentation; from contracts of employment, disciplinary communications and important notices to salary and employee benefits correspondence, Auto Enrolment letters, retirement letters and other HR communications.  Some clients use it to notify personnel of staff events and incentive schemes.

Confirmed electronic delivery

Employees receive an email or text message to notify them of the arrival of a new document in their portal.  Meanwhile, your Administrator can audit the delivery and opening process in real-time and manage batch processing using our user-friendly dashboard.

ePayslips in your business

SECUREDD ePayslip solutions integrate with your existing payroll software.  If you are using an online payroll application or processing your payroll using Sage, Iris, Pegasus, SAP or other software, SECUREDD solutions for secure eDocument delivery:

  • Are cost-effective and user-friendly
  • GDPR compliant
  • Alleviate the costs associated with print consumables and postage
  • Enhance your current software provision with secure Payroll Tax document delivery
  • Deliver all Payroll Tax documents in a confidential and private environment
  • Provide secure access for those using hot-desks and shared computers
  • Deliver epayslips to all employees including those without an email address
  • Provide full audit reporting
  • Cut the time spent to deliver Payroll Tax documents to your employees
  • Reduce Payroll Tax documents queries and requests
  • Safely and confidentially deliver HR documents such as contracts of employment, salary changes and disciplinary notices


 PostSECUREDD ePayslips
Safe, secure deliveryNY
Encrypted in transit and at rest on the serverNY
Track & trace at no extra costNY
Multi-person handlingYN
Audit reportingNY
Compliant with International Security standardsNY
Compliant with GDPR requirements*NY
Suitable for HR CommunicationsNY
Suitable for Statutory AE communicationsNY
Suitable for multi-site employees/environmentYY
Suitable for off-shore employeesNY
Suitable for multi-role employeesYY
Suitable for multi-media outputNY
Employee benefits  
Access 24/7/365NY
Access via mobile deviceNY
Suitable for hot-desks/shared environmentsN/AY
Suitable for those without email addressesYY
Software download or app requiredNN
All Payroll Tax documents in one placeNY
Deterioration/damage/loss riskYN
Printer requiredYN
Printer consumables requiredYN
Postage requiredYN
Stationery requiredYN
Printer/pressure sealer requiredYN
Delivery impact on carbon footprintYN
Fast turnaroundNY
Reproduction requiredYN
Manual handing requiredYN


  • SECUREDD are specialists in encrypted solutions – our epayslip solutions are designed to keep sensitive information secure and private.
  • Our solutions are payroll software agnostic and comfortably integrate with 99% of payroll software packages on the market.
  • ISO27001 accredited provider. Cyber Essentials certified.
  • Satisfies “appropriate technical measures” element of GDPR and DPA 2018.
  • Edocument delivery and secure email options
  • Options for additional layers of security such as 2FA are available.
  • Private or public cloud deployment.

Features & Benefits

  • Online payroll portal or epayslips via secure email options
  • Secure, encrypted solution
  • Cost-effective and user-friendly
  • Immediate access to all payroll tax information
  • No software download required for recipients
  • Monitor delivery and receipt
  • Easy implementation
  • Full customisation available
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Case study Trace Payroll Services (UK)

  Trace Payroll Services were looking to expand their portfolio by adding a secure, electronic PAYE document delivery solution and turned to E-Payslip encryption experts.


Trace’s clients were under pressure to reduce costs, improve data security and move to greener technology. Trace required an electronic PAYE document delivery solution that would be flexible, scalable, cost-effective and robust enough to handle peaks of demand. It was essential the chosen solution was user-friendly and easy-to-configure and secure.


All the required criteria and engaged directly to deliver the new Trace white-labelled solution to their client base. In addition to electronic PAYE document delivery, the solution allowed for the option of distribution of HR and company communications – all within a secure and private portal produced to ISO27001 standards.


The impact of the new solution was immediate. Trace clients and the Trace support team experienced an 89% decrease in duplicate document requests. The document could be now be tracked throughout the distribution process, costs were reduced, documents were delivered faster and more effectively and the solution also adapted to a range of viewing devices.