a total solution for powerful email

SECUREDD eMail is a total solution for powerful email, with simple-to-use open tracking, activity journal, enhanced email encryption, electronic signatures, large file transfer functionality and more. All existing email solutions, like MS Outlook, Gmail, Apple Mail, etc. are supported, for an easy to use experience by the recipient.

Via a webinterface or an Outlook plugin every user can send secure emails. Via a two way API (rest interface) bulk mail transfers can be supplied to the SECUREDD platform from all applications, like Oracle, SAP, GMC and others.

example of our email solution

Example of our email solution

SECUREDD eMail is cost-efficient for your company due to a paperless procedure. Furthermore, each client benefits from a highly secure digital SECUREDD eSafe for important personal documents, which only he or she can access.

With SECUREDD eMail, companies can deliver documents and data as account statements, reports and an inventory of assets directly into a customer’s personal digital vault or in a custom e-mail program. We ensure state of the art security and privacy protection. Compliant with all the data protection regulations by the EU and other local authorities.

Advantages for your clients

  • Secure, personal transfer of documents, files, and passwords
  • Guaranteed confidentiality: only the client can open
  • Long-term data storage
  • Protected access anytime, anywhere with Android and iOS devices

Advantages for your company

  • Add-on service with a strong link to your core business
  • Extend your branding with white labeling if necessary
  • Strong client retention due to the long-term nature of data preservation
  • Position yourself including the unique selling points of high privacy protection and data security
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Case study Dutch Healthcare Organisation

A Dutch Healthcare Organisation reached out to SECUREDD to secure the data transfer of laboratory results to Hospitals.


Before they started to work with SECUREDD, laboratory results were sent to hospitals by registered post. Other than being very expensive and slow, at times envelopes failed to close which caused security risks.


The healthcare organisation stopped using registered post for sending their lab results and chose our Secure eMail solution. All confidential data is encrypted when sent. The authentication process is made accessible by UZI pass. Hospital employees must identify themselves before accessing the data.


Lab results are now safely sent to all hospitals instantaneously from the lab infrastructure. Patient data is now protected, and potential data security breaches caused by postal transfer are now closed.