Trace Payroll Services (UK)


Trace Payroll Services were looking to expand their portfolio by adding a secure, electronic PAYE document delivery solution and turned to E-Payslip encryption experts.


Trace’s clients were under pressure to reduce costs, improve data security and move to greener technology. Trace required an electronic PAYE document delivery solution that would be flexible, scalable, cost-effective and robust enough to handle peaks of demand. It was essential the chosen solution was user-friendly and easy-to-configure and secure.


All the required criteria and engaged directly to deliver the new Trace white-labelled solution to their client base. In addition to electronic PAYE document delivery, the solution allowed for the option of distribution of HR and company communications – all within a secure and private portal produced to ISO27001 standards.


The impact of the new solution was immediate. Trace clients and the Trace support team experienced an 89% decrease in duplicate document requests. The document could be now be tracked throughout the distribution process, costs were reduced, documents were delivered faster and more effectively and the solution also adapted to a range of viewing devices.