Relocation Services Holland

RSH takes care of the relocation of expats in the Netherlands. Relocating a professional also means sharing and sending privacy sensitive data like their social security number, passport, financial data, bank account, immigration data. In this process different authorities are involved ranging from a Real Estate service to the Immigration and Naturalization Service.


RSH was looking for a solution that was 100% GDPR compliant with sharing and storing privacy sensitive data. A complete audit trail had to be at their disposal in case of an audit. The challenge: “How do we manage all different parties and data streams, both incoming and outgoing, from one simple to use but secure system that doesn’t put the burden on our customers?”


SECUREDD developed a secure collaboration environment that guaranteed immediate GDPR compliancy.  RSH sends out a notification email to all involved parties to upload the required information to complete a dossier. Most relocation portals ask you first to set up an account before you can upload your document. When a document is needed, an involved authority receives a upload notification. RSH has the complete audit trail at its disposal of all the upload and download activities of a document. At the same time, whenever a document from within the environment is required by another party, a multi-factor approach using email, phone number and a token is prompted for download of a specific (set of) documents. No registration required.


RSH works now in a GDPR compliant way. This gives their business partners the comfort of knowing they are dealing with a reliable partner in terms of protecting the shared and stored data.