Partner Type: Payslip providers

Payslip providers who are looking for an even higher standard of security and at the same time a cost saving solution for their customers.

We offer you:

  • ISO270001 certified software solution
  • Individually encrypted document/attachment transfer and storage
  • Own look and feel of your customers
  • Non-repudiation
  • SAP and Oracle connector
  • Track & Trace
  • Notification email, download request
  • White label
  • SAP and Oracle connector

AINOGO ( our partner in Identity Management. Together with Anoigo we have been able to implement complex identity workflows like the Dutch Digital Identity DigiD( in document workflows generated with for example QUADIENT Inspire.


SECUREDD is THE Global Partner of SSLPost SSL Post was one of the first companies in the UK to deliver encrypted email at the beginning of this century. Our Secure Send software has already been implemented already for 12 year to connect SAP, ORACLE, Micorsoft platforms to send and store sensitive data. Companies like Pepsico and DHL rely on this technology while profiting from the best value-versus-investment solution. Not to mention our ISO27001 wich is the cyber security standard we handle worldwide to guarantee your safety and immediate GDPR compliancy. Visit also  our security page  to learn more about our standards and workflow.


PONDRES and SECUREDD started working together in 2015. In cases we describe our successful collaboration.

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