Digitalization and being an attractive employer

Research1 shows that about 71% of all younger employees evaluate the technological possibilities of the digital workspace and innovation offered by the company when choosing an employer. Smart employers are aware of this and offer the employee modern tools such as an app to view their payslips and annual statements, or to submit changes and to apply for leave.

What are the advantages of offering payslips digitally?

Easier and cheaper

A digital payslip saves time, effort and costs for your organisation. After all, you no longer have to print the strip, put it in an envelope, frank it and send by traditional mail. Postage alone costs about 25 euros per employee per year not taking in account handling costs of your HR department.

Better for the environment

If you want lower your carbon footprint you may consider the following fact; a digital payslip is not printed. Changing old habits may be a challenge for your organisation and employees, but asking your employees to leave paper payslips may not be a threatening idea if it is good for the environment. Not to mention it saves our trees and biodiversity!

It increases efficiency

How does it work? A digital payslip is generated in your Payslip software and our Secure Send Software places this in your employee’s personal Payslip portal. Once this is done, the employee will receive a notification email that the payslip is available. In some systems, the payslip is sent as an attachment by email, but this is not preferred for security reasons. Emails are an entirely insecure method of sharing sensitive data as they offer no protection. As a minimum requirement all documents have to be encrypted when sent and stored. Making the payslip available digitally also means it is instantly available for your employee, instead of the two day wait for postal service.  

Access your Payslip anywhere, anytime

An employee can access their digital payslip and view it from any device. And since it is stored digitally, it will always be available and cannot be lost. As a result, employees are more satisfied and in control, while you are operating in a fully compliant manner while also saving money.

All that also applies to the annual statement as well as any other document you wish to share with your employees.  

How to comply with privacy legislation?

As of July 1, 2010, the Dutch Civil Code* has been amended in such a way that the employer may offer the payslips to their employees digitally instead of on paper. However, there are two rules to this:

  1. The employee must give his consent
  2. The employee should have the opportunity to save his digital strip for future use*

An employee must explicitly give consent to receive a digital payslip. This can be done by email where you ask for this permission before you start providing the digital Payslip, or by providing the option for digital or postal during registration on the portal.

*this amendment is specific for each individual country

**you might consider offering a personal digital (encrypted) vault were an employee can access his/her Payslip and Annual Statement after leaving the company

GDPR and Emails

In order to comply with GDPR (May-2018), it is not recommended to send the payslips as an attachment. Third parties may grasp the opportunity to hack your e-mail and view the payslip. It is better to notify the employee with an (encrypted) e-mail that his / her payslip is available in his own digital personal file in the Portal.

1. Employees are upbeat about the anticipated advancements from digital technologies, with 71 percent identifying the team benefits of innovation, agility (69 percent) and productivity (68 percent).Source: Accenture Strategy “ Being digital Embrace the future of work and your people will embrace it with you”

1 Accenture (2017) Technology for people • Accenture (2017) Harnessing revolution, creating the future workforce