Secure Send - Payslips and HR documents

For companies that use tools like SAP, ORACLE, QUICKLOHN, AGENDA-SOFTWARE, LEXWARE, QUICKLOHN or other Payslip generating software, we offer the possibility to process and upload payslip and HR documents to your own white-labeled secure cloud platform. Our Secure Send software enables our clients to upload sensitive documents like payslips, pension overviews, annual statement and share this with their workforce without worry. Our solution is GDPR proof with an effortless implementation and no-nonsense workflow.

How it works:

  1. We map your payslip and HR templates to our software
  2. We scrape data required for the summary page on the portal
  3. Documents are processed and linked to the employee based on a unique identifier
  4. Our Secure Send desktop application uploads documents through a secure TLS 1.3 connection to your white-labeled portal

Why choose Secure Send?

  1. It is very competitively priced compared to alternatives
  2. Fully GDPR compliant
  3. Proven product used by both small and large cooperations serving millions of employees
  4. Very easy to use and install, with minimal impact in your IT landscape

A quick overview of how it works

How to process epayslips using our portal

  1. The Secure-Send system is started by running the “Secure-Send Monitor” application which is found on the Desktop.
  2. In the left side of the Monitor application you will see 1 or more folders listed. If there are multiple folders, the entry we are concerned with for payslip processing will be called “Secure-Send (payslips)” or similar - the term “payslips” or “pay” will appear in the name.
  3. Click on the + sign next to the relevant folder entry and then click on the “Outbound” item.
  4. You will see a summary of payslips which are ready to submit in the outbound view. If this is your first time using the software, you will see that there are no payslips to process.
  5. To add payslips, you will need to place PDF document(s) into the outbound folder. Click on the “Go To Folder” button (found at the bottom- right). A folder view will open (as shown below). Payslip files should be saved from the payroll system as PDF and placed into this outbound folder. Note that a shortcut folder called “Secure-Send Folders” also appears on the desktop. This provides an alternative and convenient method to save payslips directly to the outbound folder from your payroll system. Please ensure payslips are saved into the outbound folder. *Payslips must be in the format that has been agreed and previously tested.  Please advise if you wish to process a different style of payslip.
  6. After placing files in the outbound folder, you should click the “Scan Folders” icon in the Secure-Send Monitor program (top-left). The Monitor will scan each of the payslip files and determine how many payslips are to be processed and identify each of the recipients. In the example below you can see 1 payslip is to be processed. The recipient is identified by their NI number (or another unique identifier such as their payroll number or email address). The software will also read other information from each payslip including the payroll date, tax period and other key payment information (e.g. net pay and gross pay amounts).
  7. The folder summary at the bottom provides you with a total count of payslips that will be uploaded. You will also see an alert if there are any duplicates (more than 1 payslip being loaded to a single employee account) or if there are any unidentified recipients e.g. the employee may have a missing NI number on their payslip.
  8. To submit payslips, you should click on the “Approve and Send” icon and then confirm that you wish to submit documents. Before confirming please ensure that none of the PDF documents are open for viewing. The Secure-Send software will connect to the SSLPost server and submit payslips (and associated pay information) securely.
  9. If this action has been successful, you will receive confirmation that all documents have been loaded successful 
  10. Payslips have been accepted by the Portal and will appear against each of the employee accounts. Employees can follow the portal registration and logon instructions to gain access to their payslips online.